When life gives you math

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Hello, I'm Mr. Padilla. Here's a list of other names I go by according to my students:

  • Mr. P

  • Coach (I don't coach anything, but they call me this anyways)

  • Mr. Tortilla (I don't approve of this, but I can't seem to get away from this name)

  • Mr. Padilers (I don't even know when this one started)

  • Sensei Padilla

  • Señor Padilla

I am in my second year of teaching, and somehow I managed to have my dream schedule.


I teach:

  • Integrated Math 3 (grades 11-12)

  • AP Statistics (grade 12)

  • AVID (grade 10)

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Integrated Math 3 Logo.PNG
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love math

math is life

to love math is to love yourself

accept math into your heart

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Viva math!